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13 common courtesy rules for everyone using our Pool

So we can all appreciate our sunny summer days around the pool, everyone should follow these 14 common sense, mutually-respectful rules.

  • No Running, jumping, diving, pushing, roughhousing or weapons

    Let’s start with the obvious. It’s not rocket science … don’t do anything that will end with you taking a trip to the ER. Or, more likely, you injuring someone else. Be safe out there, people, and use your head.

  • Curb yourself and your kids too

    It doesn’t matter how far away the restrooms are, DO NOT PEE IN THE POOL. As far as you know, there’s dye in there that will turn the water around you blue. We’ll all know.

    Same goes for kids. Make sure they go to the bathroom before coming to the pool and ask them during adult swim time if they need to use the restroom. If your toddler isn’t potty trained, make sure they are wearing swim-proof diapers – and bring a few extra to change.

  • Parents, supervise your kids

    We understand you want to relax as much as next person, so make sure the person next to you (and around you) is able to do that.

  • Dress appropriateley

    Yes, we noticed you spent all winter working on your beach bod. Be respectful, dress confidently but modestly. No cut off jeans are permitted in the pool. :).

  • For Your Safety, Glass containers and other breakable items are not allowed in or around the pool.

    If any broken glass gets into the pool then we have to shut it down until all the glass has been removed. If we need to shut the pool down, we'll send everyone to your YOUR house to swim! :)

  • Boisterous behavior and feats of daring exhibition that could jeopardize your personal safety and the safety of others are prohibited.

    Seriously, we are not responsible if you, your guest or child watched the latest Avengers on TV the night before and suddenly wants to try some dare-devil moves! And please, don't do anything that begings with, "Hey ya'll watch this!!!" We are ALL about safety! :)

  • Swimming is prohibited after stated pool hours.

    When you come to our pool please pull the gate to enter. If that doesn't work then push the gate open. If that doesn't work then...we're closed. You can only swim when we're open!!! You can view our hours of operation here.

  • Please help us maintain a clean environment in the pool and patio area. Dispose of all litter, cigarette butts and cans in trash containers.

    Please keep your area free of litter and dispose of it properly at all times.

  • Management is not responsible for loss of personal property.

    Nothing is really lost until your Mom can't find it. Check with the lost and found for missing items.

  • No one is permitted in the water during any bad weather, especially during thunder or lightening storms.

    For your safety, some things have to be said even if it's obvious!

  • Management reserves the right to refuse entrance to any person(s) who, in their judgment, is/are in violation of the rules and regulations.

  • Be mindful about guests

    Make sure your guest follow all the swimming pool rules. They are your guests and their behaviour reflects on you.

  • Most importantly, follow the rules

    For your safety, the primary swimming pool rule is to follow all the swimming pool rules. The rules are there for your safety and others’ and to make sure everyone can enjoy a good time. The rules apply to everyone equally, even you.

    And if there isn’t a rule to cover your specific situation or circumstance, err on the side of discretion, respect and common sense.

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