Here at Eastview Recreation Center we have two main types of membership options. First, there is the Stock Option. The Stock Option allows you to purchase memberships at a reduced rate, as well as, reduced rates on guests, and the option for a Babysitter pass if needed. Furthermore, you gain voting rights and have a voice in what goes on here at Eastview. You are required to purchase stock at $150.00 your first year in addition to the standard membership option. Stock is only purchased once.

Stock Options:DUESTAXESMAINTENANCETotalStock (First Year)First Year Total w/ Stock
Full Stock Membership180.0013.05170.00$363.05150.00$513.05
Single Membership77.505.62170.00$253.12150.00$403.12
Double Membership120.008.70170.00$298.70150.00$448.70

The second type is Non-Stock. These are our regular prices if you do not wish to become a stock holder.

Non-Stock Membership:245.0017.77170.00$432.77
Monthly Membership:100.007.2557.00$164.25